Fresh, sustainable and regional

We take great pride in the quality of the food and produce served in our hotel in the Wildschönau.

The idea of sustainability and our belief in regionality are also reflected in our agriculture. Knowing where the food that we prepare fresh in our kitchen every day comes from is essential for us when it comes to spoiling ourselves and our guests with high-quality dishes. From fresh milk for breakfast to our own sausage specialities on the buffet and the best quality meat as the highlight of the evening menu.

Meat from our young cattle

The beef meat comes exclusively from our farm.

During the summer, the animals spend their holidays on the farm's own mountain pasture in Auffach in the Wildschönau. During the cooler months of the year, the cows spend their time in the barn, where they also have the opportunity to run outside. By slaughtering them in our own EU-compliant slaughterhouse, we spare our young cattle long journeys and stress. A special quality you can taste!

Water from our own spring

"Without water, there is no life. Water is a precious commodity, indispensable for nature and people".

The hotel's own drinking water supply bubbles fresh from our mountain spring, which rises very close to the hotel. With us you can enjoy the best quality mountain spring water without any treatment. Nature in its purest form!

Fresh milk from our cows

Try our fresh milk for breakfast, which comes from our farm every day.

Our cows graze on lush mountain pastures in summer and are fed the finest hay in winter. We take great care to ensure that our cows are well cared for. You can taste it in the milk. Our animals are happy and content.

Bacon from our own smokehouse

Truly local. Truly delicious.

When the scent of fresh mountain herbs and wood chips fills the air, it's bacon time at the Almhof. Using grandpa's secret recipe, we produce top quality bacon in our own smokehouse. Our guests can sample this delicacy at the breakfast buffet. You are also welcome to take our bacon as a holiday souvenir for your loved ones back home.