Relax & unwind

Everyday life OFF, relaxation ON ... sweating is healthy and sharpens the senses.

Sauna supports health, cleans the body and improves well-being. It has a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system and has a strengthening effect on the immune system. Particularly in winter, going to the sauna strengthens you against colds.


Finnish sauna "Stodlsauna"

The traditional sauna variant has a temperature of approx. 90°C.

Ideal for experienced sauna goers, but also for connoisseurs.

Positive effects of the Stodl sauna are: hardening against colds, stimulating the circulation, strengthening the immune system and thorough body cleansing.

BIO pine sauna

At around 60°C you can smell the pine.

If the Finnish sauna is too hot for you, this sauna is the place for you.
Also suitable for all those who need to take care of their circulation but don't want to miss out on a soothing sauna experience. A BIO sauna helps to improve respiratory diseases.

Infrared cabin "Bergglühn"

More and more people appreciate the pleasant, gentle heat radiation from infrared light.

In contrast to the convection heat of the sauna, the invigorating heat of the full-spectrum radiation has an effect here.
Or to put it another way: The heat also works where the infrared light shines - the heat has a deeper and more intense effect without putting a strain on the circulation.

"Herb Meadow" steam bath

The warm, humid climate (45°C) in combination with the alpine mountains will give you an extraordinary feel-good experience.

The relaxation of the muscles, the stimulation of the metabolism and the freeing of the respiratory tract are the benefits of our "herb meadow".

"Wilder Kaiser" wellness terrace

Enjoy wonderful views from our wellness terrace.

Between the sauna sessions, which leads directly from the sauna area to the outside.
Reclining loungers and a covered seating area for relaxing and sunbathing are available there.

Experience showers

The natural energy of water directly on your body.

A powerful source that has a vital and passionate effect. Feel our different showers like tropical jungle rain, waterfall and Kneipp hoses.

"Bergquell" stone fountain

Help yourself from our stone fountain with fresh mountain spring water, which comes from our own spring.

Or would you prefer a herbal tea from our tea bar? The intake of liquid supports the cleaning effect and contributes significantly to recovery.


Relaxing after a sauna experience has a positive effect on your organism.

Cosy warmth and relaxing music spread throughout the room, various scents of fresh mountain herbs and mountain flowers fill the air. Strength lies in stillness: Relax on heated water beds or ergonomic special loungers.