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A strong family

HOLDING-TOGETHER is capitalized
The Hotel Almhof in the valley Wildschönau.

More then 50 years ago, the foundation was laid, a lot has happened since then and we're walking back in history.

Our father, Michael, was born in the original 'vulgo Hoisenhof' house in 1935.

The foundations for the Almhof

were laid by our father, Michael (+ 20.3.2004) and his wife Hilda. 
From the beginning, they both worked hard to make their dream of having their own business come true. The father as a woodworker, the mother was running the hospitality side of things.

In 1966 they got married.
4 children resulted from their marriage: Andrea, who runs the Almhof today, Hildegard, Herbert and Brigitte.

In 1990 Herbert took over from his father.
Herbert put his life and soul into managing the Almhof for 18 years before his fatal accident on the 12th of July 2008.
From then on Andrea and her family took over the business from her brother.
At the moment the Almhof is being run by the second generation, the third is already following in their footsteps.









How the Almhof began...

The history:

1964:  Commencement of construction of Pension Fichtenhof; despite no road access to Thierbach
1966:  Opening of our gastronomy business
1974:  Commencement of construction of Gasthof Almhof
1976:  Opening of Gasthof Almhof
1980:  Purchase of the Koberalm in Auffach
1981:  Modernisation of the farm and a new building
1990:  Son Herbert takes over the business
1994:  A new barn is built for the Alm
2000:  Renovation of the original farmhouse Hoisen
2002: Complete renovation of Pension Fichtenhof into a low energy house
2005: Installation of Biomasse heating
  -  no longer dependant on oil
  -  using wood from our own forest
  -  we endeavour to live in harmony with nature
2008: After Herberts tragic death, sister Andrea Gruber takes over the business.
2011: Full renovation of bathrooms. A further step towards quality improvement for our guests.
2013: Hotel Almhof gets a facelift, all windows are replaced, new balconies and an extension 
2014: The new dining room in alpine style and the new Almstube with panorama views enhance the comfort of your holiday 
2016: 50-year jubilee and the „Tiroler Traditionsunternehmen“ decree was awarded by Land Tirol
2018: Complete renovation of the ground floor: including a new indoor pool and wellness spa