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Only for adults!
Feel the rejuvenation.

A sauna session is good for your health, cleanses the body and increases the feeling of wellbeing.
It has a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system and strengthens  the immune system.
Particularly in winter, regular sauna visits help prevent colds and flu.

Choose from the following saunas:

Finnish sauna „Stodlsauna“

Ideal for regular sauna goers, but also for those in for enjoyment. The traditional sauna has a temperature of approx. 90°C. Positive effects are: increased resistance to colds and flu, stimulates circulation, strengthens the immune system and cleanses the body. 


BIO-pine sauna

If the finnish sauna is too hot for you, this sauna is perfect. With a temperature of approx. 60°C you can enjoy the fragrance of swiss pine. The BIO-sauna improves respiratory illnesses.


Infrared cabin „Bergglühn“

More and more people are enjoying the pleasant warmth and benefits of infrared light. Unlike  the convection heat of the sauna here you experience full spectrum radiation. This means: the effect is a deeper and more intense heat, without stressing the circulatory system.


Steam room „Kräuterwiese“

The warm moist climate (45°C) in combination with the alpine mountain range provides for a unique feel good experience. Tension leaves the muscles, metabolism is stimulated and the respiratory system is cleared thanks to our special alpine herbs. 

Wellness terrace „Wilder Kaiser“

Enjoy the wonderful views from our wellness terrace in between saunas, where you also have outside access and
loungers and an under cover sitting area to relax and enjoy the sun.



Water's natural energy directly onto your body – a powerfully vitalising effect. Diverse showers feel like tropical rain, a waterfall and 'Kneipp' hoses.

Stone fountain „Bergquell“

Help yourself to a glass of fresh mountain spring water.
Or would you prefer a herbal tea from the tea bar? Drinking plenty of fluids increases the detoxing effect and contributes to your general sense of well being.  


Keep calm and chill out

Relaxing after each sauna enhances the positive effects. Comforting warmth and wellness music fill the whole room, the scent of fresh mountain herbs and flowers permeate the air. Strength is to be found in serenity: rest on heated water beds or ergonomic loungers.